Publishing For Seminary and Theology Students

Because The Most Creative Minds…Are The Ones Still  Learning

Are you a Seminary Student that has poured your heart, soul, and countless hours into a theological or exegetical paper? What many students do now know – is that with the right touch, these papers are in high demand to be read, studied, and purchased. GGIS Publishing was founded by Jomo K. Johnson, a Westminster Seminary Student. After writing an Apologetics Paper for one of his classes, he discovered that there was an international audience for Creative Apologetics. He converted his paper into a short book, had it professionally edited, and begin to sell it online. And now almost 2 years later – Letters of Van Til to C.S. Lewis remains one of Johnson’s best sellers – now being sold overseas while also being sold in Westminster and Covenant Seminary Bookstore and featured in the WTS Library.

Your Paper, Your Beliefs, Our Mission

At GGIS, we are desirous to take extremely well done theology and seminary papers and convert them into quality books. These books not only serve their readers – but also the authors by providing income for current students still studying. GGIS is a Full Service Non-Profit Publishing company that takes care of printing, copyrights, professional editing, and promotion.

If Your Seminary Or Theology Paper Is One Of The Following:

Highly Academic or Exegetical (Over 25 pages)

Socially Relevant (Addressing Topics of Race, Faith, Women’s Issues etc.)

Extremely Creative (fictional conversations or debate format)

Pertaining to Counseling or Heart Matters

Upon Acceptance of your Paper for Book Conversion, GGIS Publishing will do the following:

Professional Editing 

Custom Graphic Art Cover Creation

1-Free Language Translation (now includes Arabic and Mandarin)

2 Free Paperback Copies for Author

E-Book Conversion and Submission to E-Book Channels

One-Month Social Media Book Promotion – Including Promo Video

50% Profits on all Paperback Copies Sold

8 Week Promotion

I-Tunes Podcast Interview

If you have any of the aforementioned written papers, GGIS would like to review your work. Click Here to Download our Author Submission Form. At GGIS we believe that God has something to say through all of us. We want to help you in sharing that vision.