Sermon Into Books

“I am shockingly convinced that most Pastors do not know their potential influence. We can extend our reach, solidify our teachings to congregants, and reach the world…all through converting our sermons into easily accessible and quality books.”  

- Jomo K. Johnson (Pastor and Founder of GGIS Publishing)

GGIS Puts Your Message Into the World’s Hands (Literally)

The world is shrinking. That may be hard to believe with a booming population. But think about it, never before has the world been so accessible. We are able to travel cross-country in hours, access information at the touch of a button, and be connected with people from across the world through technology and media.

Pastors have a unique opportunity in this information age. No longer does each ministry have to be confined to a local congregation. Through writing and technological advances, every local pastor can become a global pastor by communicating their message across the world. Do you feel like your latest sermon series or body of sermon manuscripts can bless and impact this current generation? If so, GGIS can help.


GGIS Publishing and Media is a non-profit publishing company. We exist to assist Pastors and Ministries broadcast their message to the world through literature and media. We are able to convert your sermons and message into quality books, (print, e-book, audio, and mobile app). Not only do we take care of the printing and distribution, our marketing team will then implement a 9-point promotional plan in which your book can achieve the greatest impact and influence. We are committed to seeing faithful pastors and ministries reach as many people possible, both in and outside the church. At GGIS, this is our mission and mandate.


When you publish with GGIS, you can rest assured that your book will serve two purposes. Your book can be used a free resource for your congregation and community. Imagine having the opportunity to give each one of your church members a Copy of your book. GGIS also have the capacity to make your book mobile – by featuring it on smart phones through our GGIS Mobile App. This book can have impact on both the reader, their families, and communities.

Secondly, your book can be used as a Fundraising Tool. There is almost no better way to support your ministry financially than by providing the world with a quality work of literature that can be read for generations. GGIS Publishing stands by each church and provides the tools to use your new book as a means to support your ministry. We have created our custom Book Sales Estimator to give churches a way to gauge their potential sales.


Converting sermons into books is much more than sticking manuscripts in a paperback. Our editorial team will work with each pastor and ministry to understand the message. We do this in order to create a proper tone and format for your book which will be easily readable to your audience. In 30 days, your book will be ready to reach the world.


8-Week Custom Promotion

Professional Editing 

Custom Graphic Art Cover Creation

2 Free Paperback Copies

E-Book Conversion and Submission to E-Book Channels

Promo Video Creation

I-Tunes Podcast Interview


If you are interested in getting started, Contact us or give us a call at our number below. We look forward to working with you.

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