Refer A Friend

GGIS Publishing and Media needs YOU! That’s right, our new “Refer-A-Friend” Program allows Users who refer a Ministry, Non-Profit, or Friend to our Publishing Services, to make $75 Dollars per every reference signed up to one of our main services.


1. Book Creation and Formation for Non-Profits and Ministries.

If you are a Non-Profit Organization (i.e. Social Service, Church, etc.) that would like to further your reach by providing Literary Publishing Services. GGIS will assess your organization interview its board and directors for pertinent information, format and and create a book under the direction of your board. (Click Here for More Details on all our services.)

2. Publishing Company for Independent Authors and Musicians 

For independent authors who have completed or are near completion of a relevant manuscript. (See Submission Guidelines for More Details) GGIS Publishing is glad to review all submissions. Also, if you have a book idea and need assistance in formation, GGIS can assist you in the entire process of writing, editing, printing, marketing, and distribution. ()ur service now includes publishing for music artists.)

3. Featured Content on the Mobile App

GGIS enables Non-Profits and Ministries the power of staying connected. Through our GGIS Multi-Content Mobile App, users of the APP will have a powerful Multi-Content experience. At the click of a button, GGIS APP users can review and shop for books in the GGIS Library, listen to our Affiliate radio programming, find a church or non-profit in their area, or watch or listen to a sermon or informational video. Being featured on this powerful APP will expose your Non-Profit to a large new audience.

What Are You Waiting For?

You can help GGIS as we seek to serve those who serve others. Fill out our Contact Form and Put “Referral” in the “Subject Form” to get started by receiving our Referral Information Guide. You’ll be glad you did.


Clients must specifically indicate first and last name of referrer, date of referral, and means of reference. All referral fees will be paid through check or Paypal 7 days after referral. Referral program ends 10/21/13.