GGIS Publishing and Media exists to assist Non-Profits Companies, Ministries, and Independent Artists to get their message out to the world. We are a full service publishing company that works primarily with those who have a relevant message and mission.


1. Book Creation and Formation for Non-Profits and Ministries.

If you are a Non-Profit Organization (i.e. Social Service, Church, etc.) that would like to further your reach by providing Literary Publishing Services. GGIS will assess your organization  interview its board and directors for pertinent information, format and create a book under the direction of your board.

Working With Our Creative Editors

Our editorial board will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your book is done with quality and excellence. It is our desire that your book reflecting the values of your organization  We will take care of everything from cover art to grammatical editing, and copyrights and distribution of both Print and Electronic copies of your book.

GGIS will then serve as your Marketing Team. For a period of 8 weeks, our team will work behind the scenes to get your story covered locally and nationally. We desire to create an atmosphere of “Impact and Influence” in which both the book and your organization will receive attention and influence you are seeking. We follow a strict 9 point promotion plan that we believe will guarantee the book’s success either as a fundraising tool or an informational resource.

2. Publishing Company for Independent Authors

For independent authors who have completed or are near completion of a relevant manuscript. (See Submission Guidelines for More Details) GGIS Publishing is glad to review all submissions. It is important to know that GGIS is not a self-publishing company, therefore we will not publishing anything. But for those books that are well-written, articulate, socially relevant  while at the same time being faithful to GGIS’s mission, we will offer a publishing/membership contract. In this contract we will offer the same publishing services available to Non-Profit Organizations (editorial services, printing, 8-week promotion, and distribution.) We also offer our signed authors to take part in our Affiliate partnership that allows members to earn revenue through the sales of all GGIS Books.

3. Featured Content on the Mobile App

GGIS enables Non-Profits and Ministries the power of staying connected. Through our GGIS Multi-Content Mobile App, users of the APP will have a powerful Multi-Content experience. At the click of a button, GGIS APP users can review and shop for books in the GGIS Library, listen to our Affiliate radio programming, find a church or non-profit in their area, or watch or listen to a sermon or informational video. Being featured on this powerful APP will expose your Non-Profit to a large new audience.

Raise Support With The Donate Button

The GGIS App also serves as a powerful tool for staying connected to donors and supporters. Users can donate to their favorite charity, church, or ministry all from their phone.

4. Tuition Assistance Publishing For Student Authors

GGIS is proud to work with undergrad college students in publishing and promoting their works. The staff at GGIS is able to work with certain schools to coordinate and host book releases and joint promotions for student authors. The profits of author books can go directly to student tuition. This is a great means of support for college students who need financial assistance in their education.

To Learn More About These Services: Call Today at  215-764-7606