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Pastor Moses Brown has been a leader and pastor in Tampa Florida for over 25 years. Pastor Brown’s inspiration led him to found “Feed The Children Ministries.” Pastor Moses is soon to release his life biography through GGIS Publishing detailing his life of faith. To read more about Moses visit: Moses Hero Central.



Michelle A. Ortega is a licensed speech pathologist and president of Communicare Ltd, Inc, a holistic pediatric speech and occupational therapy center.  Michelle has been an active leader in Pastoral Care, Adult Education, Production and Worship Arts, Children’s  and High School Youth Ministry at The Presbyterian Church at New Providence, New Jersey. She and her teen-aged daughter have been blessed to call PCNP home for over 15 years.


Dusty Wunderlich has built a diverse array of positions and companies that make up his career and involvement in society. Mr. Wunderlich currently serves as a Principal of DCA Capital Partners, a Private Equity fund focused on providing buyout, growth and  restructuring capital to middle-market companies in undeserved communities across the Western U.S. Mr. Wunderlich also serves as Managing Director at DCA Partners, the region’s strategic advisory firm, serving as a trusted advisor to middle-market businesses throughout the western United States. At DCA Partners, Mr. Wunderlich focuses growth advisory and mergers and acquisitions in Nevada.

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wgbioWrath and Grace Clothing is a new line that is intended to promote and proclaim the Biblical Gospel through fashion and way of life. Johan E. Henao and Franky O. Collazo-Hernandez are the minds behind Wrath and Grace.  The inspiration for Wrath and Grace came from a proper understanding of the Gospel and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the study of the scriptures.  We pray that our clothing would be a catalyst that would be used as a tool to change hearts through the Gospel message. Our desire is to bring all glory to the Lord alone, and glorify Him in everything we do.


Morieka Johnson spent seven years as a journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where she edited stories ranging from fashion to pets. But life got really interesting when she met her dog Lulu. Finding the best tools to raise a high-energy pit bull inspired Morieka’s weekly advice columns, which are featured on Mother Nature Network ( You also can find Morieka’s stories on and Yahoo! Pets. Join the conversation and learn more about her exploits with Lulu on Twitter @SoulPup, follow us on Facebook or check out our SoulPup boards on Pinterest.


Jeremiah Zuo (BTh, MAR Cand), is an insightful Theologue pursuing graduate work in Biblical Studies at Westminster Theological Seminary.  He has a passion to equip the church and her future leaders with a better understanding of the Old Testament and how it reveals God to His people. Jeremiah’s book, “The Old in the New” is due out March 15 and will be available at GGIS Publishing and other select book outlets.



Rev. Frank Abrahamsen is currently an Outreach Minister at Baptist Tabernacle Church in LaGrange, Georgia. Since 1997 he has been active in ministering to the homeless, those troubled by substance abuse additions and those incarcerated or soon to be released. The major premise of his preaching is centered on ‘Power in Prayer’. In addition to this point, he consistently preaches, ‘This life we live is not about us, it is about God’.


Bryant Parsons (Seminary Student)

Dr. Michael Johnson (General Surgeon)

Aaron Day (Recording Artist)

Barry Reese aka. Cassidy (Recording Artist)

Joseph Randall (Pastor)

David Chester (PhD in Biology)

John Welch (Missionary)

Lance Lewis (Pastor)

William Clark (Doctoral Student Regent University)