“Creating and Promoting Rich, Relevant, and Redemptive Literature and Media”

When people hear the term GGIS, their first thought is probably, “What does that mean?” GGIS stands for God’s Grace is Sufficient. This company will stand upon the truth that God has something to say through all of us. It my belief that this new company will exemplify this truth by the way that we operate. As a Non-Profit, our desire is to equip ministries, other non-profits, independent artists, and youth, to achieve their dreams of communicating their vision to the world. Whether this vision comes through preaching and writing, music and arts, activism and awareness, or other forms of media, GGIS exists to serve those who want to serve others.

“One of our main goals here at GGIS is to serve those who serve others.”

GGIS has been in the works since 2004. The genesis of GGIS came about when I sensed a call to incorporate media into the displaying of God’s glory. And now in 2012, after experiencing success in the self-publishing world and planting a vibrant and youthful church where media is an important tool, I have put all my efforts and energy into making GGIS a successful publishing company that incorporates all forms of media and promotional tools available.

At GGIS, we believe that every heart has a story to tell. We will work hard to help you tell that story. We are a full-service publishing company that does the work of writing, editing, marketing, printing, and distributing. We also seek to use the latest technological advances such as our GGIS Mobile App, to help communicate the vision of our authors and artists. We exist to serve and take pride in being both non-profit and non-compromising in producing quality literature and media

Thank you for visiting the site. GGIS exists to help you with your literature and media ideas. Whether you’re interested in creating and distributing a book, marketing your music, or being featured on the GGIS Mobile App, GGIS is the place to share that vision. We are committed to your success in having a strong impact on the world.


Founder and Director - Jomo K. Johnson, has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and is a current Masters Student at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is also the founder of Philly Open Air Church in North Philadelphia. As an author, he has written several well-known books including Letters to Charles and Call Tyrone. His books have been featured on CBS Radio, XM-Radio, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.