Book Publishing For Music Artists

GGIS Banner 5GGIS Publishing is now working with Musicians to help create quality books based upon artist biographies or album concepts. Imagine being able to sell a book along with your music project. This is a great marketing tool that allows you to further your reach as your book is sold on GGIS Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Nobels and other popular book stores and sites.

At GGIS, our entire editorial staff is able to take the heart of your message and create a quality work of literature. Our process is simple:


First we schedule a series of initial interviews with you. We want to hear what you are actually wanting to communicate. These interviews are done with one of our well-trained writing editors who desire to hear the heart of your message.


We want to discover how best to tell your story. Should it be told in first-person, narrative, or fictional? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves. Based upon your story, we will research the best approach and suggest to you possible formats by which we can write your book.


In this step we start to interview you and anyone else who is related to your story. We schedule interviews around your availability in order to create a clear outline of your story. We not only record your interviews for accuracy but transcribe them as well.


After creating an outline, our team of writers will begin to write your story. We create a secure trackable document by which you can see the writing as it happens. You are able to make suggestions or corrections as the story proceeds.


After you review the final draft we then begin the editing process. We will make sure your book is error-free and in pristine grammatical form. We submit to you a final draft before the book goes out. Our entire process is usually takes 4 weeks.

Ready To Start?

Call GGIS Publishing today at 215-764-7606 to share your idea. We are committed to assisting you in telling your story.