GGIS Publishing for Ministries and Non-Profits

“We’re living in the Information age. Information is everywhere. It’s on the web, it’s on our phones, on our tablets. But with so much information available…the question must be asked, “How can those with the most important message be heard…in the midst of all the noise? This is where GGIS comes in.”

GGIS Publishing and Media

GGIS Publishing and Media is a non-profit company that has been designed to assist your church, ministry, or non-Profit in creating rich, relevant and redemptive literature that will impact the world.

The Vision for GGIS

This vision is drawn from the success of our Founder, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson. After planting a small church in urban Philadelphia, Johnson wrote books about the spiritual topics his community was facing at-large. The effect of printing and distributing these books was astounding. His books went on to sell over thousands of copies while being featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Daily News, CBS News, and XM Radio, all in one year. His blog writing on Music and Religion was featured on both MTV and BET. Even more amazing was when people began to visit and join his church – after reading his works.

It was because of this success that Johnson believed that the local Church (large and small) could have a greater voice through literary creation and distribution.

Literary creation is only half of the story. At GGIS, we combine the age-old instrument of written literature, combined with the latest technological advances of media, coupled with the ability to use your church’s “circle of influence” to guarantee success. If your church has a message, sermon series, or literary idea, GGIS will conduct:

1. Interview Process

GGIS will interview your Pastor, Directors, Board and/or Staff to hear the heart of your message. We want to know what it is you are trying to communicate. Through a series of interviews, we will be able to put a finger on the pulse of your message. (2-3 weeks)

2. Book Sales Estimator – 100% Guarantee

GGIS has developed a Custom Web Tool called the BSE‘ (Book Sales Estimator.) This tool allows us to insert pertinent data, providing us with a concise estimate on your possible 1st year book sales. A few of the criteria for the ‘BSE‘ are: Genre of book, Relevancy of topic, Size of your church, Notable Endorsements or Contributors, Follow-through of Promotional Steps.

While it never possible to guarantee with 100% accuracy the exact number of book you can sell: we guarantee that you will sell the suggested ‘BSE‘ number.. If your book doesn’t sell the suggested number of book given by the “BSE” in the first year. We will refund our service fee.

3. Information Pooling

We will then obtain all the information you have on the topic. Maybe your ministry has a sermon series, independent research, or has statistical information, we will take this information, cross-examine it with our own findings, and begin to formulate book ideas. (2 weeks)

4. Book Title and Chapter Creation

Following our research period, we will then submit to you potential book and chapter. These titles will be drawn from the heart of your message. We will then create relevant chapters titles and descriptions that will address the heart of your book. During this process, we will work with you concerning suggestions, inclusions, or other formatting issues. (2 weeks.)

5. Draft Writing

Using the heart of your message (sermons, studies, scripture, etc) coupled with research and findings, combined with the human and emotional factor that is important to any book, we will begin to formulate your book. This formulation can either be a unilateral process (we serve you with a template and suggested information) or bi-lateral (our editorial board formats and structures the message with your guiding.) In either case, we are able to have a final draft finished within three weeks.

6. Final Editing, Approval, Distribution

And finally, our team of editors will work to ensure the highest standard of quality for your writing. We will take care of all grammatical and formatting editing. We then submit a copy of the book to you for approval. At this time, we also will create book cover art, convert book into e-format, and begin to feature your book on, other popular book sites.

7. Promotion and Marketing

During this 2-3 month process, GGIS will work with you and for you in promoting your book. Our 9-point promotion plan maximizes how your church can be effective in communicating your book to the world. Our marketing team will give you tools to get your church involved in making the book a success. We also will be working behind the scenes to make sure your book gains local and national exposure.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to get started? The world needs to hear your message. Whether the book addresses a social issue such as: race, politics, or education. Or maybe your book is relational: marriage, singleness, or parenting.  At GGIS, let us serve you, so that you can serve others. The world is waiting.

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