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Poac App3Why would you consider a mobile App for your church?  Consider that there are 5.2 BILLION mobile phone users in the world right now.

  • What if you could easily connect to the thousands that live near your church?
  • What if there was an App of your church that people could download to their phones so that you could send out key information to them?
  • Wouldn’t that be cool?  Too hard to do?
  • Do you think it would cost you too much?
  • What if you had an App for your church?

Here are some reason you should consider having an App for your church.

Relevancy - Churches should not have as their main goal to be relevant.  Yet there is nothing wrong with being technologically relevant.  Having an app shows your church understands we are in the 21st century.

Effectiveness - The church is to be where people are.  Look around you the next time you are in public at how many people are fiddling with their smart phones.  To be effective with our message we have to take it to where people are.  The following are some ways that Apps can increase your effectiveness and additional reasons why you need an App for your church –

  1. Improved communication - I often hear from church members that their church poorly communicates what is happening at the church to members.  Apps can help you improve your communication to members.  The communication is at their finger tips, on their smart phone!
  2. Instant communication - Imagine that it starts snowing a blizzard on Saturday night.  You are forced to rethink what times the services will begin or IF they can be held at all.  Using your App you can push information to your members about your last minute plans.  The same App can be used in a variety of ways to instantly update members.
  3. Ease in giving - Online giving is on a huge rise.  Many of my clients see anywhere from 30% to up to 50% of their giving coming electronically.  Having an App allows people to easily give to your church even when they are at the beach!
  4. Limitless opportunities - I have only touched on a few of the pluses of having an App for your church.  The possibilities grow each and every day.  Having an App gives you a platform to build upon.  Not having an App leaves you in the 20th century.

The future is now!  There is no excuse for your church not having an App.

Poac App

Powerful and Dynamic

GGIS will create an Mobile App that allows Churches to:
1. Display church website, address, and worship times.
2. Allow users to view photos, devotional messages, and media.
3. Receive donations and offerings with the click of a button.
4. Send instant messages from Pastor and Staff about important events.


$99 Set-Up Fee and $39 Monthly Service Fee. 

GGIS will manage your content and update your App Weekly and Broadcast 1 Instant message per day.

*Pay annually and GGIS will waive set-up fee and give 10% discount.

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