GGIS Employment Position

Marketing for a Unique New Non-Profit

GGIS is a unique Non-Profit company that works with Non-profits, Churches, and Individual Artists to create books/literature and media that will help further their cause while providing income.

GGIS is unique because we are a full-service publishing company that employs the latest technological advances to get people’s messages out to the world. Therefore, we are looking for individuals to help explain, promote, and offer the services to Non-profits and ministries.

We offer Non-profits and Ministries a monthly service to take their written material, format it into a quality book, successfully promote and distribute through print and electronic format. This service includes being featured on the GGIS Multi-Content Mobile App.

Contacting Pastor and Ministries and communicating GGIS Services via phone and social media.
Being able to explain to them the Mission and purpose of GGIS, Direct them to our website, email them pertinent information
Set up phone interview with sales department.

Chance to work with and grow a new company.
Bi-Weekly Commission of Sale of Services
20 Percent Commission
Rapid Advancement
Work from Office or Home

Extremely Personable
Willing to Learn and Work 1-1 with Director
Knowledgeable of Social Media
Access to a Cell-Phone and Computer
Someone who can commit for 6 months.

If you would like to be apart of the GGIS Team, Send Employment Info Request to: our Contact Page for further information


Employees are able to work locally from Philadelphia Location or from place of Residence.

For Preliminary Consideration:
Email job request to [email protected]