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Why Professor Schoenig Should Quit His Day Job (2nd Edition)



$ 4.99 Ebook and $7.99 Paperback

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Westminster Seminary Student Bryant Parsons’ debut book, Why Professor Schoenig Should Quit His Day Job: A Critique of the God is Not Fair Argument, is an academic response to the article and teaching of the San Antonio University Professor. Bryant, with no ill will, expounds and disposes of the common fallacies when understanding the fairness of God. Using a Biblical approach, Bryant not only communicates that God is not only fair but he is good. Critical thinkers will be engaged and enlightened as they read this work.

UPDATE: Bryant Parsons and Professor Schoenig to Release Joint Book This November.

Due to interest of Bryant Parsons book, Professor Schoenig has written a response to the argument and will co-author the upcoming book, Is God Unfair?, coming in November 2013. To learn more about this book including be updated to the upcoming webinar debate, sign up here.

Bryant Parsons – born in 1986, resides in Philadelphia P.A. He holds a B.A in Biblical and Theological studies from Nyack College (Cum Laude) and is currently an M.Div student at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Purchase E-Book $4.99

Purchase Paperback $7.99