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Johnnie Saw Heaven (The Trilogy)



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Travel through time as a young man is called by God to be an Evangelist and a Witness to the greatest event in world history: The Coming of Christ. Set in the early 20th Century, Johnnie Saw Heaven follows the life and ministry call of John Henry Calhoun as he preaches the Gospel around the world.

The story then fast forwards to present day. The world is under great duress as the Anti-christ comes on the scene. The Church has been raptured when Boaz Abrams, a Jewish Convert, is called by God to lead many of his kinsmen to faith in Christ. But when Boaz is challenged to stand up against the most evil man in the world, he is left with a choice that will test his faith and leave the world changed forever.

“A great story that will shows the power of God and the salvation of Christ.”

“If you like the Left Behind Series, you will love Johnnie Saw Heaven.”

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