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Fire From Heaven



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Jacob Collin’s Church hasn’t been the same since the economic collapse of his hometown Flint Michigan during the 1980′s. Throughout the following years, crime and poverty have turned the once upscale Church into a shadow of its former self. Despite his best efforts to revive the city, the seasoned Pastor begins to question his calling.

After a series of assaults on his congregants, Jacob decides that it is too costly to turn the other cheek. In his anger, he publicly curses the neighborhood where the assaults happened, by praying that God destroy the area. Two days later the area suffers a tragic fire that leaves many in the neighborhood dead. Jacob is shocked to see his words fulfilled. He is even more amazed when the survivors of the fire flock to the Church to seek God’s forgiveness and reconciliation.

When Jacob learns the true cause of the fire, he must choose to allow the city to believe a lie or continue with a ministry of vengeance, knowing that the secret could be his undoing.

















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