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Physician , Healer, Lover: A Doctor’s Intimate Encounters With Christ



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phl_cover_300dpi_updatedNow Avaiable, Medical Missionary Dr. Michael Johnson releases his new work, “Physician, Healer, Lover: A Doctor’s Intimate Encounters With Christ.” This unique work will touch the heart of every reader as it communicates the most intimate experiences and lessons learned by the Doctor during his time as a medical missionary in Kenya. The book takes the reader through a romantic journey of love, faith, and practice as Dr. Johnson diagnoses the problems of American Christianity while sharing his experience of faith during his time in a foreign country. “Physician, Healer, Lover” will set your heart aflame for a greater passion for God and his love. Read Book Sample Here

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Poems can give expression to groans and joys that prose cannot. What this missionary puts into words is evidence that his heart has joys and sorrows that struggle for revelations that we all can comprehend. His poems that make for good reading.”  - Tony Campolo, Ph.D of Eastern University


photoMichael has been involved with overseas missionary work since 1984. As a general surgeon, his work has included short-term mission trips to Zaire (Congo) in 1984 and Kenya in 1987, where he worked in Tandala Hospital and Tenwek Hospitals. They began full time work overseas in 1990 when they were accepted with World Gospel Mission of Marion, Indiana to work at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya East Africa. Dr. Johnson received his M.D. from  University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor.



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