Awesome God Life Story Contest

Awesom God


This fall GGIS is working with 50 regular people to tell their stories of the awesomeness of God. Has God brought you through a storm, delivered you from sickness, or done something amazing for you? On November 1st, GGIS will release and publish its new book, “My God is Awesome: 50 Testimonies of the Awesomeness of God.” The first 50 applicants will have their story converted into a full-length book. GGIS Publishing will do the following:

1. Interview you to hear your story.

2. Write your story for a chapter in the book.

3. Market, promote, and publish your book.

4. Give each applicant a free copy.

5. Give royalties whenever the book sells.


1. Record a video of yourself giving a quick summary of your story telling why it should be put in the book. (20 Seconds.)

2. Post the video on GGIS Publishing Facebook page found here: GGIS Publishing

3. Be one of the first 50 people to post a video.

Deadline to tell your story is October 16th. Don’t wait to tell your awesome story. Contact [email protected] for more details.