All Purpose Editing

GGIS Publishing prides itself in being a publishing company for ordinary people. That is why we are expanding our services to include general editing. Whether you are a student that has term paper to turn in, an established writer that needs a second set of eyes to review your work, or a business professional, the GGIS staff is able to make sure that your writing, (no matter the size) is in excellent grammatical and literary form.

Our Services Include:

1. General Assessment of Your Written Work

2. Oral Review

3. Grammatical Editing and Trackable Changes.

4. Submission for Review

5. Final Draft and Changes


We are able to complete the process of editing within 7 days regardless of size or genre. And our price of $3 dollars per page is affordable and economical. Contact us today to submit your work for review. You will be glad you did.